Hire Me First


"We’re a newspaper that’s been hit hard by the economy and rounds of layoffs, and thanks to our interns, there are stories we now get to publish that would go unwritten without them. They get hands-on experience in an industry that’s tough to break into, and we get the fruits of their labor. It’s great for us and for them, and for Tracy Press readers." - Eric Firpo (City Editor Tracy Press)

"The “Hire Me First” program has been such a rewarding experience. Our business has been involved since 2010 and over this short amount of time, we have been able to work with 6 different students and train them toward a successful professional career. The majority of our applicants are students that plan to follow a path into a health care career and are very determined on reaching their goal. We utilize these students in a wide variety of capacities; however the most beneficial to our office is clerical work and patient therapy. We have trained these students to take command of a patient’s therapeutic rehabilitation and develop their communication skills through one on one patient interaction. They have become more confident in their speech and have gained an understanding of the human body beyond what they can read in a textbook.

On more than one occasion, we have relied solely on the intern to manage the therapy department at our office. This unique situation allowed them to engage in creative thinking and problem solving while also maintaining a professional attitude and personable character.

I feel this program obviously tremendously benefits the students involved, but more importantly, it allows businesses like ours to mold the ideas and attitudes of our future professionals and mentor them toward successful careers. I feel very fortunate to have met these young people and I look forward to following their path forward!" - Kaylin Schack, D.C. (Tracy Chiropractic)